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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

All applicants must pass a personal interview with the enrollment office prior to admissions.

Complete details available in the school catalog and consumer guide.


Career Advisors are available to assist you in obtaining the financial assistance required to meet your educational needs. You may apply for financial aid by contacting a Career Advisor to discuss the process and time lines to apply for aid and completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The FAFSA helps determine the amount of assistance for which you are eligible. This analysis takes into account factors such as income, assets, number of family members in your household, and the number of your family members enrolled in college.

When to apply: you should apply for financial aid as soon as you decide to enroll at Adrian’s Beauty College. Your Career Advisor will assist you with the forms needed to begin the application process. You should have a complete financial aid file to ensure timely receipt of financial aid funds. A complete financial aid file consists of Adrian’s Beauty College’s receipt of a student’s FAFSA data from the Department of Education, a completed loan entrance interview (if required), and submission of verification items (if required).

You must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Renewal FAFSA or FAFSA on the Web (FOTW) worksheet. You must come in to the school in person to complete the FAFSA or renewal or FOTW worksheet.


Once you have submitted the FAFSA or FOTW, you will be sent a Student Aid Report (SAR or e-SAR). The SAR or e-SAR should be checked for accuracy. Contact the school immediately in case you think corrections are needed. Once the SAR or e-SAR has been determined to be complete, a financial aid award letter will be sent to you which will state the student need (the cost of your education), family contribution, amount of grants awarded, and the amount of loans needed. If you are chosen for verification or have a C code, you must complete the verification process before disbursement will take place. You will have 14 calendar days to complete process. If you can not complete the process within 14 days funds will not be disbursed. In order to receive unsubsidized or subsidized PLUS loan funds you must complete a Master Promissory Note and school entrance interview.

Funds are then distributed by the Student Accounts personnel and you will be sent a receipt. Award and loan funds are typically disbursed after 30 days for the first year students and within two weeks for second year students.

Upon graduation you will have an exit interview which will cover the schedules of repayment, terms of repayment, as well as loan exit counseling.


This college believes that the talents, hopes, and ambitions of all people are among our nation’s most valued possession. With this thought in mind, this college continues to promote scholarship, grant and loan opportunities for qualified, deserving students who must find funds to attend college. The fundamental purpose of this college’s financial aid programs is, therefore, to make it possible for students who would normally be deprived of a college education because of inadequate funds, to attend college. The following principles have been adopted for our financial aid program.

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